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Get your renovation off on the right foot with a dilapidation inspection.

If you’re planning the renovation of an existing house, one area that is a frequent cause of disagreement between owners and builders is whether particular defects were in existence prior to the renovation or caused during the construction phase. Our dilapidation report services involve us thoroughly investigating and photographing the property to provide you and your builder with a comprehensive account of the state of the property prior to the commencement of the renovation. This can be an invaluable resource to resolve any disputes down the track as it constitutes irrefutable evidence of whether any damage was pre-existing or caused by the builder.

We investigate...

  • Home or apartment exterior
  • The building’s roof exterior
  • Any other relevant areas

We look for...

  • The condition of the walls
  • The condition of the pathways and driveways
  • The condition of the fencing
  • The condition of the chimneys
  • The condition of the downpipes
  • The condition of the windows
  • The condition of the doors
  • The condition of the roofing and guttering

The Report...

  • Turned around and delivered to your digitally in less than 24 hours.
  • Extremely clear and concise layout, easy to understand.
  • Ultra high resolution images that you can zoom into.
  • Contains complete repair and maintenance suggestions
  • Comply to the latest standards in building and property codes
  • Inspections and reports completed by registered and qualified builders with 15+ years of experience.


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Pre-renovation Peace of Mind

If you’re about to embark on a major renovation or new build in Brisbane, you may assume that providing you operate within the constraints of your own property boundaries, you will be safe. Unfortunately, this may not be the case. Some unscrupulous Brisbane residents can view a major building project next door as an opportunity to secure repairs on their own property at no cost to themselves. Regardless of whether or not it was caused by your building works, examples of the type of damage your neighbours may attempt to seek reimbursement for include degradation of boundary fences, subsidence, deterioration of retaining walls and damage to significant trees. Engaging Landmark Inspections to conduct a dilapidation report prior to commencing any works on your Brisbane property will provide you peace of mind in knowing you’ll have a comprehensive and unambiguous account of all properties involved should any issues arise. Our dilapidation report is also a very useful tool to have should your builder cause any damage to your property throughout the job for which he refuses to accept responsibility.

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