Smoke Alarm Inspections

Smoke alarms are a critical but often overlooked safety device that should be fitted within every Australian home, however too often we hear of another tragedy on the news about a house fire claiming a life which could have been saved if a working smoke detector had been installed.

We often inspect properties that have a smoke detector fitted however they are often located in a position that is ineffective. There are a number of critical regulations regarding the location of a smoke detector including that all levels of a house must have one installed and that they need to be located close to bedrooms. This means if there is a bedroom away from the other bedrooms then an additional detector must be installed.

Often in homes we will find smoke detectors have been installed inside bedrooms, this is not correct positioning because if there is a house fire and the bedroom door is closed, the smoke is not going to trigger the alarm to alert you to the fire until it is too late.

It is not a well known fact that smoke alarms have an expiration date, however they do and its typically within 10 years of being installed. This means you need to be proactively testing your alarm and having it thoroughly checked on any new property purchase to determine if the alarm is in working order or if it requires replacing.

As part of our vigorous smoke detector testing, we identify the type of detector that has been installed, if it is hard wired to the electrical system or battery operated, the expiry date of the detector and the location of the detectors to ensure they meet Australian Standards. Our technician will then perform a smoke test on the alarm to ensure it is operating correctly as a final assurance.

The inspector will then complete a detailed report outlining the condition of the smoke detectors and if any issues were identified at the time of inspection so you can then complete any rectifications that are required so your family or tenants can sleep soundly at night knowing that your smoke alarm is fully operational.

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