Landmark Inspection Services

Landmark Inspections is a professional building and property inspection business that can complete the following inspections for you:

  • Pre-purchase building inspections

This inspection is important for anyone buying property, these inspections are completed by a industry experienced inspector that can identify the most sinister of defects in the property that are often covered over and not evident to an untrained eye.

  • Pre-purchase timber pest inspections (termites)

We always recommend completing a timber pest inspection with any pre-purchase building inspection unless it is in an apartment where the risk of termite attack is relevantly low. Our inspectors conduct these inspections in accordance with relevant Australian Standards AS4349.3 Timber Pest Inspections. When conducting timber pest inspections the inspector will be searching for timber pest activity and damage, however equally important is any conducive conditions around the property that could attract timber pest like termites or fungal decay.

  • Pre-purchase smoke alarm inspections

The most important thing to anyone is family, that’s why we always suggest conducting a thorough smoke alarm inspection on your next property purchase, these inspections are carried out by our trained inspectors, they determine what type of alarm has been installed and if its appropriate to the area, they conduct a smoke test on the alarm and also ensure that the smoke alarm hasn’t expired.

  • Construction stage inspections, this includes pre-slab inspections, frame inspections, lock up inspections, waterproofing inspections and completion stage inspections.

Our construction inspections are critical at each stage of the building process, they provide the client reassurance that their new property is being built right and if it is not then the report will list comprehensively any issues that we have found which can be provided to the builder so they can rectify before it is too late.

  • Methamphetamine inspections.

These inspections are a relatively new service offered in Australia and are great to ensure that this drug has not contaminated your new property, Australia has the highest number of meth users in the English speaking world and when it is smoked indoors regularly it can contaminate a property as severely as a meth lab. The residue of meth is odourless however it can cause serious health problems particularly for children and the ill.

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